Medusa and Dionysus had a Bonfire

Medusa and Dionysus had a Bonfire

Tumultuous energies have rolled through here, since the beginning of November. First, came the crows. They don’t live here, but they were pulled in by the Earth energies, as in May of this year when Medusa emerged from her exile. (See: Medusa’s Wedding.) We had brought her destructive powers into consciousness – they have always been with us, operating through us, but invisibly and without recognition of worth or value. In other words, in ignorance.

Our dogs are our guides; they guide us back to Nature, literally and physically in their insistence that we go for a walk and play and that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. They also guide us back to our natural instincts, by mirroring the emotions and sensations that we have been blinded to, without guile or judgment. Thee first clue that something had changed was that Freya became terrified whenever Dean left the house. I had to hold her as she trembled with adrenaline and her teeth chattered, because if I didn’t she would attack Izzy. I think she might have beentrying to protect Izzy from an invisible entity, but it came through her as unbridled aggression.

One morning in early November Dean went to town and all seemed calm, but Tulku was outside the gates wanting to come in. I opened the gate and Izzy went out first and then in a sudden flash of red, Freya jumped on Izzy and Izzy felt she had to fight for her life. I knew I couldn’t separate them and ran for the hose, pointed it at them and yelled: STOP. The water stopped and the dogs kept fighting. There was nothing I could do. I waited for some break in the action and managed to get Freya through the gate with me, leaving Izzy and Tulku outside. It was raining and we were both covered in mud and blood and there was no water as the well pump had tripped, which it has done before with intense emotional surges. (See: Deadwood, Microbes and Demons.)

I called Dean back and we patched ourselves up, but there was a foreboding energy around, We had to keep the girls separated and although they’d had a few vicious scraps before, this was in another league. The fence and gates were a new addition and I had not harmonized them. Thresholds, whether in time or space, generate energy surges and it turned out that there were zone lines crossing the gate threshold. I also found Curry zone lines crossing the well head and fuse box and after I harmonized those with BioGeometry, the well pump stopped tripping.

The next time Dean went out, I kept Izzy on the lead to protect her and just as Dean left I felt the energy shift and brought Izzy inside, just in time. We spent the next half hour in the house with Freya running around to all the doors and windows snarling and trying to get in as if she was possessed. We were pretty close to our wits end when it happened again. This time it all happened at once in the living room; Tulku started barking, Freya wet herself in panic and I looked at Dean in time to see the entity go into him, just before Freya attacked Izzy again and Dean got bitten separating them. Even then, I was not sure what I had seen – I told Dean that I saw ‘the beast’ go into him. A few days later Freya attacked Izzy again, our once peaceful home had become a battle zone.

A few more days passed, we were all mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted and I nearly contemplated the unthinkable. Then two weeks ago to the day, while I was talking with my BioGeometry group someone picked up that Dean had the entity. It was so obvious but, as with everything, I was blind to what I did not want to see. I cleared the entity immediately and it was grateful to leave. Freya let rip with a fart of relief the moment it left and the aggressive tension vanished, as if it had never been.

We had a two day breather before Medusa and Dionysus showed up and burned down the barn.

By the time Dean saw the smoke the fire was already out of control. We called the fire brigade and we could hear them circling but they could not find us, as our house is invisible. For nearly an hour Dean fought with superhuman strength to save the house with nothing but towels dipped in puddles and wet mud. The barn is only a few meters from the house and the fire was raging. The windows cracked and the terrace and beam smoldered and scorched, but he saved the house and I’m very proud of him. We lost everything in the barn, including our solar equipment and all Dean’s tools, also lots of photos and things we’d brought from London that we hadn’t found a home for yet – relics of our past. We are currently running on a back-up generator with limited power until we can get the solar system replaced. So what happened?

The ‘official story’ is that Dean put a bucket of hot ash from the wood burner in the barn and it caught alight, but neither of us are in any doubt that this was a Supernatural event. Dean had some stubborn destructive patterns, that had him wanting to fight against an invisible enemy, common to many men. These patterns are always ultimately self-destructive and I’d been working to flush it out of him, which is what brought it all to a head-and it was the right time. These patterns also contaminate the gridlines of the Earth, already stressed by mining, quarrying, fracking, concrete and this pent up Earth-stress attracts entities and disembodied energies. The epicentre of the fire appears to have been the well, not where the bucket of ash would have been placed, but the access point to the deeper emotional energies of the Earth, flowing through Her waters. We have had a series of problems with the well in the barn (a different well to the one that tripped) and these events coincided with Dean trying to put in a new pump.

Our conclusion at this time is that we are all involved in the great clearing and healing event that is unfolding on this planet – each of us has our own patch to clean up, one way or another. Dean had to clear the destructive patterns that were preventing him from healing and moving forward with the new energies and he could only do that through the experience of fighting for something he loved, as opposed to fighting against the invisible enemy within himself. He unwittingly attracted the entity, but it was the Medusa and Dionysus energies running through the both of us that caused the fire, and ultimately saved the day. We could have lost the house, or more, but instead we experienced the red and black alchemical fire of purification, the necessary preparation for the new energies of the Grand Conjunction and the green-gold fire of regeneration, ready for the rebirth of the Green Man. Well worth the price of the barn and everything in it!

Immediately after the fire the crows left. The next day the first stork returned to the cedar tree – a sign of regeneration!

Happy Winter Solstice!

3 thoughts on “Medusa and Dionysus had a Bonfire

  1. Yolanda,
    Glad to hear the stork returned you had sent
    me a pic of such an event a few years ago
    Still surging with grateful reciprocity to
    healing and protective powers sent from Aeon Sophia in concert with very sexy tango of Jupiter and Saturn In the sky, Jupiter in position above Saturn heeding the obvious – buoyancy leading me to the Organic Light. When time allows, would like to hear about your experiences with OL, among its other attributes, the substance body of Sophia the Wisdom Goddess.

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