By the Light of the Harvest Moon

By the Light of the Harvest Moon

October Harvest Moon and Blue Moon

The harvest moon is traditionally the first full moon after the autumn equinox, when farmers are said to be able to finish the harvest by the light of the moon. I think of it as the last full moon of the Celtic year, the Celtic New Year begins on November 1st, and the time to see reflected back at you, the fruits of what you sowed in the year. This year October is flanked by two full moons, the harvest moon on the 1st and the blue moon on the 31st, the Celtic Samhain. Two opportunities for reflection, gratitude and letting go, with a time for course correction with the new moon on the 16th.

Shock waves

The Autumn Equinox has always been an interesting time for me. More than 10 years ago, on the day of the Autumn Equinox, I had what I’ll call a spontaneous healing experience. I was walking the dogs in the woods near where we lived and things started to shimmer on my peripheral vision, then suddenly it was as if some one had turned on the lights and turned up the volume. It took me 20 minutes to find my way out of the woods I’d known all my life, as although I was completely aware of where I was, everything looked so different that I couldn’t find my way. Something changed in me and the world looked completely different. Internally, my stomach ulcer of more than 25 years resolved itself and I’ve never had to take any medication again.

This year, it was a ´mild shock’ that threw me into a new state of mind, and our external reality changed to mirror that internal shift. So this post is about what I learned from that experience and what I did – not to say that this is the best or the only way.

What triggered this ‘mild shock’? We had to go into town to renew our residency cards. Before that, I hadn’t been into town for at least a year. We live off the beaten track, according to the seasons and the weather; laundry on sunny days, gardening when it’s not too wet or too cold and various indoor chores and projects or reading and writing when it rains. We’ve just completed the round of harvesting, drying, pickling, freezing and tincturing and have nearly finished stacking next year’s wood to dry. I did not feel the affects of lockdown, because it has zero effect on my day-to-day life, our reality. Until a week or so ago….

It was the first time I’d worn a mask – necessary to get into the police station – and I couldn’t breathe. I felt faint, wobbly and disconnected. It shocked me to see everyone masked, that people would so willingly do this to themselves. When we came home I burned my photos of the town, to mark the resonance shift in my mind, and I withdrew into myself for a while. I felt as though I was in mourning.

Exactly one week later, on the day after the full moon, the harvest moon, my mood shifted. That night, I’d slept fitfully (quite usual during a full moon when less melatonin is produced by the pineal gland) and in my hypnagogic state and fragmented dreams I saw the echoes of my ignorance. My mind took me back to Boxing Day 2000, when our dog Dutch died after swallowing a rubber ball. At the time I was shocked and so utterly bewildered and devastated by this seemingly tragic and random event. I was so disconnected from myself, although I didn’t know that then, that I could not see the principle of cause and effect in action. The light of the harvest moon was not about me finding the ‘cause’ of his death. It was a long time ago and any reason I could come up with now would be as false today as it would have been then; that wasn’t the purpose of this foray into the borderlands of consciousness.

The ‘Monforte shock’ triggered a memory of that previous shock, but with the benefit of looking backwards through the lens of my current perception, I got a very different view on that event. Like going back and picking up a dropped stitch in the knitwear of my mind, I can see that the shock of Dutch’s death jolted me out of the rat-race trance. It is a fallacy that dogs are wolves that gave up freedom for the warmth and security of domesticity; dogs are a unique species, designed to guide us back to the fertile wilderness of our true nature. Whenever I’ve been lost, there has always been a dog to show me the way. Two years after Dutch’s death, I walked away from my successful career, without knowing what I was going to do next, but it was definitely ‘not that’.

Why is this relevant now? This is going to be a challenging winter. If you can absorb the shock waves, recognizing that what you see on the surface is evidence of the surges and shifts within yourself and in the greater body of humanity reconnecting with itself, the passage will be easier. There is a critical point, at which a sufficient number of individuals living their sovereignty (which we have always had and never lost), will shift the power of the status quo. We are approaching that moment, which is why the losers are going for broke.

We all need to be vigilant and take care during this phase, but women are especially attuned to the emotional energies of the Great Mother, due to the shape and water content of our bodies, the womb and our resonance with the lunar cycles. We need to learn how to handle this energy, through how we manage our own emotions with what shows up in our daily lives –what’s out there is here and what’s not here is nowhere. The archontic reality and slave mentality only exists because of the energy we give to it – it’s time to let that shit go.

Out of curiosity, I looked up the Schumann resonance data for the days around the full moon and there was a significant spike – so, chances are, you would have noticed something around this time too.

Image from Schumann Magnetometer Live Data

On the Ist October, the day of the full moon, I had heart palpitations and I really needed to ground myself and calm down. I worked in the garden for a bit and on my way back to the house the idea for a spontaneous ritual came to my mind, so I did it there and then. I will describe what I did below and why. I’m sharing this, because I find rituals useful and I’ll start out by explaining why.

As my awareness has grown, my understanding of mind has also expanded and my experience has become much more multi-dimensional and my sense of time has become elastic. (See: Killing Time with the Quantum Pixies). However, this does not mean that my life is always wonderful and without challenges – although it is mostly wonderful and the challenges ALL help me bring myself to a more sustainable state of wonder. Our motivation for moving here and living the way that we do has never been escapism, it has always been about adventure, discovery and bringing ourselves into a deeper level of connection with Nature and within ourselves. Since 2003 and the psychic phenomena I began to experience then, I have wanted to know about the human role in shaping reality. It’s no accident that I’m here now, seeking this wisdom, as are you, as this is EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME AND PLACE for this work, if you can call it work. Humanity is in transition, and our external reality is changing to reflect that flowering, as one cannot happen without the other, so with everything in a state of flux it is easy to feel lost sometimes. Except, you can never really be lost as you are already in THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME and there is nowhere to go!

How a Ritual Works

For me, a ritual act is a way of calming myself down and finding my still centre in the chaos. It gives me clarity on what I’m responsible for and what I’m not and, in that sense, it’s a good adjunct to the boundary work I’ve found useful in these times. A successful ritual is not just about feeling good; it is also functional, in that because it alters your inner state, what is reflected back at you in the external world will necessarily be different too. It can shape reality. A ritual is like driving pitons into cracks in the vast mountain that is the surface of the One Mind – it gives you the confidence to move up and enables you to retrace your steps if need be.

The effect of a ritual is like standing still in a river, so that the water comes to you and flows all around you. As opposed to floating on the river, where the water takes you where ever it goes. Sometimes it’s good to go with the flow and at other times, you want the flow to come to you, so you need to shift your perspective. I like to stand in the flow sometimes, so that I can catch my breath and describe what is going on, rather than being immersed in it. This too is a transitory need.

So, don’t take it too seriously. At its best, ritual is a form of play, a way of learning how things work, how we work. Rituals are also transitional tools, as there will come a time when they are no longer necessary, when there is no need to steady the way as the feeling of being lost, confused or afraid no longer arises.

Walking the Energy Key

The spontaneous ritual I performed in the garden, was very simple and derived from the Egyptian Energy Key, that I learned about on a recent Biogeometry course. The Egyptian Energy Key was discovered by Dr Ibrahim Karim, a visionary architect and healer and founder of Biogeometry. (His book: Back to a Future for Mankind, is well worth reading.)

The Energy Key is itself based on what is revealed in the design and layout of the ancient Egyptian civilization. You can see this in the diagram below, which shows the Nile flowing north and the civic buildings and the activities of everyday life on the east bank and the temples and funerary buildings, the activities of the invisible world on the west bank. The Energy Key, beneath that, shows the movement of energy through any space: the axis is the forward motion and to the right is the yang energy, the spiral the outward expression of life and to the left is the yin energy spiral, the gathering inwards motion. This energy movement is depicted in various ways throughout the ancient world.

The Energy Key of Ancient Egypt
Energy Key
Roman column, depicting the energy key at the top
The Fleur-de-Lys is a version of the energy key
The human energy torus is a 3D version of the Energy Key

For my ritual on this occasion, I faced north and walked in 16 circles to my left and one circle to my right. The number 16 is the golden ratio, found throughout nature and recognised by Nature. The novel aspect for me in this ritual was that in the walking to the left, the west and the yin, I was calling back to myself all the parts of my psyche, my original soul pattern, all the parts that I had lost, given away, had stolen from me etc. (I wrote about the female aspect of this in Medusa’s Wedding, and this was going to a new level for me and incorporating male aspects that I had never encountered before.) The right-hand circle, to the east, was the single circle of this life and I walked that with the intention of expressing my complete self-soul-psyche in this life. Walking in circles always calms the mind and brings release from stress or tension, as anyone who has ever walked a labyrinth will know.

This ritual brought certain aspects of what I’ll call the individual source template, but might also be referred to as the soul, into clearer focus. The individual source template appears to me as a lattice of living plasma generated from the Anthropine source plasm. The Anthropine source plasm is not on this planet and projects itself as the plasmic lattice that generates our DNA. (Luc Montagnier demonstrated how this process works under laboratory conditions in his documentary: Water Memory.

The night after this ritual many of my dreams were of the ‘life review’ type. It was intense, (and also corresponded to the peak Schumann resonance activity of 2nd October, shown in the link from HeartMath above.) I was being shown, through the prism of my personal life experience an event that was unfolding for the whole of humanity. To stick with the analogy of the living lattice of the source template, it is fractal, in the sense that uniqueness is not based on substance but location and experience, so that a shift that fires up one strand of the living lattice affects all the other parts. (There are many methods of non-verbal communication amongst living creatures.) I felt that I was picking up lost connections. Not that the connections were ever lost, they were always there but I was looking in the wrong direction!

Standing Still in the River

I expect to see a clear sign within three days of having performed a ritual, or else it hasn’t worked. That evening Dean also felt inclined to walk the energy key – to double the chances? We live a simple life here, no drama and no grand schemes, so any reflection of any inner shifts has to be seen within that context. We saw several unambiguous signs of precognition and of being the centre of the vortex that brings in the resources we needed to help us do some of the things we want to do:

– on the night of the harvest moon, I’d put a crystal glass on the kitchen counter and then moved it slightly, thinking to make it safer so it wouldn’t get broken. The next morning, Dean broke it.

– a few minutes after that, Dean said: Izzy never gets on the couch does she? (Izzy is one of our dogs.) That was true, she never has. Three minutes later, she was on the couch.

– on our walk that morning, I mentioned that it would be good to clear a particular patch of ground near the house to make access easier and we talked about the need to clear a path to some pines we need to cut down because they are a fire hazard. We don’t have a tractor to do this work. That afternoon, a neighbour showed up on his tractor to clear the area we had discussed that morning, saying that the mayor had paid him to do it. At exactly the same time, some one else, whom we don’t know, came from the opposite direction and cleared the pathway to the pines while the neighbour cleared the area near our house, which also happened to improve the access to the other guy’s field. We couldn’t have planned it better.

This is how we were designed to live, to be the centre of the vortex and attract everything that we need to fulfill our desires, effortlessly, without even thinking about it.

The space between the moons, especially around the time of the new moon, is the time to pay attention to the unexpected and the seemingly minor coincidences that will be showing up in your life, as they are mirroring an inner shift that has already taken place. It is the most powerful time of the year for witnessing changes and for expressing gratitude, especially to your ancestors, who are forever woven into the living lattice of your source template.

You can easily and delightfully participate in the breakdown of the archontic reality by witnessing the magic that shows up in your own life.

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