Third Eye Poker

Third Eye Poker

Is destiny a gift, or a curse? That depends on how well and with whom you play.

Now, more than ever, the quality of your life depends on the skills and mental fortitude you develop in order to make the best of the hand you have been dealt.

In the previous post, The Truth Chakra, I included a list of the 16 siddhis, the supernatural powers, that are generated via the throat chakra. The last one on the list is: to play with the gods. How does that work? One approach is simply to strive for excellence in every thought and deed with the knowledge that you are calling upon the Supernatural and archetypal qualities that ancient people recognized as gods and goddesses. However, in practice, the qualities or gods and goddesses you are able to tune into, depends upon your physical, mental and emotional state and your destiny. There are no special powers to develop, no evolutionary biological, changes needed; it’s all about the mental discipline of honing your awareness and perception. The gods are already playing through us, that’s how we are designed, we just have to learn how to operate our own embodiment.

The pineal gland is the biological antenna via which we ‘tune in’ to the male gods. I can’t conclusively prove this, of course, but perhaps you’ll find this idea intriguing enough to try it out for yourself. You have everything to play for!

I’m using the term ‘third eye’ to mean the action of the non-physical locus of energy, known as the brow chakra or ajna, the pineal gland, the pituitary gland and the thalamus, when they act coherently in concert. The ‘third eye’ opens and becomes active when all these elements are working together in harmony, but this could be happening without you being aware of what is going on – as in children, for example. It is both metaphysical and biological and one of the key portals through which humans bring form to consciousness – which can have positive or negative results.

The ancient Egyptians called the third eye the Eye of Horus, they also referred to it as the Eye of the Mind, Eye of the Truth or Insight and the Eye of God Inside the Human Mind. In the Hindu tradition it was known as the Eye of Shiva – Lord Shiva is said to open his third eye at the end of the four yuga cycle in order to bring into effect the next cycle of creation. It is also known as the Cave of Brahma. The Cave of Brahma is similar to the Taoist description of the Crystal Palace. The biblical reference is: if thine eye be single, the whole body shall be full of light (Matthew 6:22.) In Buddhism it is the eye of higher consciousness. Ajna, the name of the brow chakra in Sanskrit, is interpreted as either, ‘command’, ‘perceive’, ‘summon’ or ‘beyond wisdom’.

The pineal gland is the least studied gland in the endocrine system, afforded some protection by its inaccessibility, at the very centre of the skull. However, because it lies outside the blood-brain barrier, so that it can communicate between the brain and the central nervous system, it is vulnerable to chemical attack. Fluoride is a direct attack on the pineal gland, precisely to prevent access to other gods. Descartes considered the pineal gland to be the ´seat of the soul,’ the place in which thoughts are formed. He never elucidated on what he meant by that, but he was most likely guided in the right direction.

The primary biological functions of the pineal gland are:

  • Sleep-wake cycles and the circadian rhythm
  • Reproductive function and sex hormones
  • Growth & development
  • Body temperature
  • Blood pressure
  • Immune system
  • Fertility
  • Motor activity
  • Cancer and tumour suppression
  • Longevity and anti-aging

It is light sensitive, containing similar rod and cone structures to the retina and its main biochemical output is melatonin, and possibly DMT in certain situations. However, the ‘cosmic antenna’ theory has developed following the discovery of calcite micro-crystals in the pineal gland in 2002.

(Calcite Microcrystals in the Pineal Gland of the Human Brain: Second Harmonic Generators and Possible Piezoelectric Transducers, S. Baconnier and S.B Lang University of the Negev, Israel

I like Dr Joe Dispenza’s description of the pineal gland, from his book Becoming Supernatural:

“The pineal gland is a crystalline superconductor that sends, as well as receives information through the transduction of energetic vibrational signals (frequency beyond the senses, also known as the quantum field)and translates it into biological tissue (the brain and the mind) in the form of meaningful imagery, the same way as an antenna translates different channels onto a TV screen.”

Dr Joe Dispenza, Becoming Supernatural

All well and good, but I have to ask: who or what is this crystalline superconductor in communication with? The whole of the quantum field? How does that translate into meaningful imagery?

I think this image describes what’s going on in another way:

Mother Kali, the imperial goddess of time, imprinting the infinite consciousness of the Lord Shiva with Her rhythmic dance, for eternity, literally in your head.

The ultimate cosmic mind fuck!

Or, in other words:

“We are manifest through the vehicle of the mother. The entire Universe is manifest or given birth through the vehicle of Mother. The Mother is the instrument for converting spirit into matter. To understand that all form is spirit made matter is to see that at the source within the world of matter lies the Mother.

Behind the Mother, or beyond the Mother, lies the Father. The Father is formless, unmanifest in which the spirit exists with no matter. To understand the relationship between the Mother and Father is to deal with the most profound mystical enigma, for the Father is the Father of the Mother and the Mother is the Mother of the Father. Each gives rise to the other, neither exists independent of the other  and each is contained within the other. For the Mother in all of her manifestations is only the formless, taking form. It is not a continuum between spirit and matter, between formless and form, it is an identity.”

The Union of Shiva and Shakti,

Our bodies are composed of around 80% water, coincidentally the same proportion as the body of the Earth. Many studies have shown how thought and emotions affect water, (see: Healing the Waters) so it’s no surprize to find that water, the cerebrospinal fluid in particular, is being considered as the medium in which consciousness takes form. See this presentation on The Cerebrospinal Fluid and the Fluid Nature of Consciousness, by Mauro Zappaterra, Director of Regenerative Medicine and Clinical Research for a more scientific perspective.

For the multitudes, this is a meaningless concept, but that does not mean that they are not involved. This is the significance of the giant pine cone in the Vatican, complete with water fountain. It is also why the pine cone appears on the Staff of Osiris from c1225BC, in the hands of deities in Assyrian reliefs from around 700BC and on the thyrsus, the staff of giant fennel carried by Dionysus. (Dionysus has been guiding us for a while, see: The Heart of Co-creation.) The pine cone shows that those wielding it know they are aligning with a specific Supernatural entity. The pine cone in the Vatican is showing that the Church controls the pineal glands of all its followers, through rituals designed to keep them in the infantile state of waiting for a saviour, rather than taking responsibility for their own lives. In this way the flock are mind-jacked into doing the work of Yaldabaoth – his name translating as: child, pass through here.

Fontana Della Pigna, the Vatican
Staff of Osiris, with pine cone and kundalini serpents, from the Egyptian Museum ,Turin
Assyrian deity with pine cone and handbag
Dionysus with his pine cone thyrsus

(Curiously, there is also a condition called pineal agenesis. Agenesis means without origin. Pineal agenesis is said to be a rare condition, but a case of a 79 year old man with an otherwise normal brain (and presumably life) was reported in 2017. Makes you wonder about ‘blind gods’ and those who are excluded from autopsy (meaning to see for yourself) doesn’t it?

The ignorance, cruelty, jealousy, greed, irrational anger and narcissism that are being played out in the world theatre ad nauseam are not natural human qualities, in the sense that they are not part of our original template. They are corruptions caused by sustained poisoning, entrainment and trauma designed to keep as many people as possible calling on the archontic entities that resonate at those levels. When you become aware of how the third eye works, you can call on different entities and that is how you begin to play with the gods.

Your destiny, is not a fixed path or outcome, but a signpost towards which gods, qualities or animating spirits of nature are playing out through you, according to your time and place of birth. For most of us, the patterns we inherited from childhood are nothing to do with our destiny, but we do gain skill and strength through working through them. We have to deal with our fears and limitations and find out what thrills us for ourselves. How we live as individuals, each with our unique feeling of health and happiness (or not), forms our biochemistry which, in turn, affects the ‘bandwidth’ of your pineal gland and who, or what, you tune into. Wisdom, as in Shakti, is the body of both men and women and it’s impossible to tune into a thunder god if you live like a worm. Thankfully, Supernatural beings operate in harmonics, so you can always find your way by working through a ‘family’.

For women, there is another issue to be aware of; if we don’t consciously and constantly attune our pineal glands to the male Supernatural entity, god or intelligence that we are destined to play with, we will find ourselves mind-jacked by the most intense male energy we come into contact with, directly or indirectly. This is the nature of Shakti as it operates through us. Wisdom cannot act unilaterally.

Third eye poker is the game of bringing consciousness to form – it’s not an intellectual exercise, it’s total bodymind reality shaping.

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  1. Yolanda,
    Thanks for perspective here I suggest some resources compatible to what you are developing.
    Have returned to a book from a teacher of old, John WIlkes, the inventor of FlowForms, who was also English and had his studio and lived at Emerson College in Forest Row.
    His book, Energizing Water : Flowform Technology and the Power of Water, was published in 2010. Another excellent book with a forward by Jacques Cousteau is Sensitive Chaos by Theodore Schwenk, published in 1965. His book Water, the Element of Life, was published in 1989.
    On my website, an article I wrote for John Wiley’s Encyclopedia of Water, Flowing Water:
    A Source of Wisdom – reviews many of the efforts of the these persons and more. It can be located on writings page of my website:

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