The Great Incubation

The Great Incubation

Global Incubation

“Incubation allows the seeker to stripe away all the layers of perception, accessing deeper dimensions of being.”

This is another way of looking at the worldwide quarantine: the sphere incube-d!

Global incubation

Geometry is a subliminal language. It speaks to the unconscious mind in the purest forms of truth, goodness and beauty. But whose language is this? Who is speaking?

Squaring the Circle

The plane/2D version of this image is known as ‘squaring the circle.’ Squaring the circle was a mathematical problem the ancient Greeks tried to resolve using only a compass and a ruler. Why?

Robert Lawlor in his book Sacred Geometry, Philosophy and Practice, gives this answer to that question:

“There are a number of diagrams in the literature of Sacred Geometry all related to the single idea known as ‘Squaring the Circle’. This is a practice which seeks with only the usual compass and straight-edge, to construct a square which is usually equal in perimeter to the circumference of a given circle, or which is virtually equal to the area of a given circle. Because the circle is an incommensurable figure based on π, it is impossible to draw a square more than approximately equal to it. Nevertheless, the Squaring of the Circle is of great importance to the geometer-cosmologist because for him the circle represents pure, unmanifest spirit-space, while the square represents the manifest and comprehensible world. When a near-equality is drawn between the circle and the square, the infinite is able to express its dimensions or qualities through the finite.”

Actually working out how to draw the Squaring of the Circle alters perception (Lawlor describes how to do this in his book). However, for those who have already self-initiated, the perceptual changes can take place simply through contemplation of the diagram and the knowledge that it represents the physical proportions and relationship between the earth and the moon, as well as many other proportions of the natural world.

There are no accidents! (Principle of Cause and Effect.) This is explored in great detail here:

Leonardo da Vinci was aware of these proportions within the human body and described them in his drawings of the Vitruvian man.

Carl G. Jung put it like this:

“The squaring of the circle is a stage on the way to the unconscious, a point of transition leading to a goal lying as yet unformulated beyond it. It is one of those paths to the centre.”

Tantric master Dr John Mumford described it clearly as an alchemical process:

“Squaring the circle is the alchemical process of transferring any concept from the mental plane to the physical dimension so that objective conception and birth become a demonstrative reality.”

So here we all are, presented with the perfect opportunity to Square the Circle in 3D – so that we can move to 4D. As always, it is an individual choice.

The Cube in Perspective

Much is made of the ‘Black Cube’ and its association with Saturn and Kronos and this is presented as Absolute Truth, evidenced by the hexagon on Saturn’s north pole, the Kaaba in Mecca and the Jewish phylacteries.

Black cube
Saturn cube
Kaaba, Mecca
Jewish prayer phylateries

These images are presented by those who bind themselves to Saturnine forces, which holds them in a theocratic time warp in which they themselves become enslaved to Kronos. This model of reality is skewed to a particular perspective and is accepted by those who have not found their own centre.point.

Recently, I’ve found myself drawn to meditate on the Heart Chakra, which is represented by this symbol, in which the two triangles signify the union of infinite polarities – including those of Time and Space.

Heart chakra symbol

The centrally positioned cube is another form of incubation, that depicts the point from which you direct the power of the earth to generate your own reality.

Incubation in the heart

Incubation or Quarantine?

Quarantine is a period of strict isolation, when people, animals or goods are separated from their surroundings to prevent the spread of disease. Traditionally the period was for 40 days, from the Latin quadraginta.

Incubation is brooding, the sitting on eggs to hatch them by keeping them at the optimum temperature, or the inducement of dreams or in the mathematical sense, to rise to the third power. (It also refers to the time it takes for symptoms to appear after a pathogen has entered the body, which only occurs through unnatural means: See: I Am Covid-19.)

Both words quarantine and incubation incorporate the number four, which relates to the earth – four cardinal directions, four sacred elements, four seasons. It is the most stable structures, the foundation. (See: the Root Chakra.) Quarantine is hardship and separation; isolation from all that Nature provides. Incubation is an opportunity to return to the spiritual womb, to allow yourself to be reborn.

You get to choose whether you are in incubation or quarantine, whether you want to create your own reality, or enslave to an out-dated concept. It is simply a matter of perspective.

Hermann Hesse, Steppenwolf:

“You have often been sorely weary of your life. You were striving, were you not, for escape? You have a longing to forsake this world and its reality and to penetrate to a reality more native to you, to a world beyond time. You know, of course, where this other world lies hidden. It is the world of your own soul that you seek. Only within yourself exists that other reality for which you long.”

Hermann Hesse, Steppenwolf

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