Root Chakra Correction

Root Chakra Correction

Chakra Meditations

Please read the post on Chakra Meditations, before going into the information here.

Muladhara, the Foundation

Root chakra symbol

Root chakra symbol

This is a minimal, geometric symbol for the root chakra. I have omitted the lotus petals that might typically be included, as they are not part of the geometry and the significance of them has to be learned – especially for the western mind. Geometry requires neither learning nor un-learning, it speaks for itself in pure form.

In the root chakra symbol I’ve used, the square represents the earth, supportive and stable, and the downward pointing triangle represents the primordial seeding of consciousness in the material body of the earth. Root chakra energy is the foundation for survival, feeling safe and your sense of self. It energizes the adrenal glands and the fight/flight response, which is why imbalance leads to kidney problems. (Significantly, correcting the root chakra will ALWAYS help resolve physical health issues for organs and systems that are energized by the root chakra.

If you’ve been lucky enough to have a stable and nurturing childhood, your root chakra would have been properly energized and you are better placed to deal comfortably with the quarantine than others. Childhood trauma and the feeling of not belonging, or not being cared for as a child, as well as family issues such as divorce, relocation and poverty all cause the root chakra to close, as a reflex action to protect you from potentially harmful energies. It only opens again once you feel safe. Unfortunately, some people never get to feel safe and their root chakras remain closed, or spin in the wrong direction. In other cases because, in the western world, we don’t give attention to the etheric body and it’s energy centres, if you encounter a similar situation to what you experienced as a child and the issue is unresolved, your chakra will close again.

The 7th Hermetic Principle and the Root Chakra

I find a correlation between the seven Hermetic Principles and the chakras.

The seventh principle is the Principle of Gender, that gender is in everything and that gender manifests in all planes, or dimensions. Gender is not the same as polarity, as men and women have both polarities within them, but they are arranged in the opposite order – just as if you have a device that needs two batteries, in order to make the circuit the two batteries will point in opposite directions. For a man, his north/positive/+ polarity is his genitals and his south/negative/- polarity is his heart. Women are arranged in the opposite order, except that the south/negative/- polarity is not really in her genitals, but in the cervical opening. The root chakra for a man is located at the bottom of the spine, at the perineum, but for women it is slightly higher up, more or less aligned with the top of thee coccyx, but interior. This is why the chakras spin in opposite directions for men and women and why various texts seem to contradict each other regarding subtle energy flows, as you need to know whether they are talking about men or women (it is mostly men talking about men!).

Root chakra mudras

These are the root chakra mudras, use thee one that feels most natural and comfortable to you.

Root chakra mudra
Another root chakra mudra

Correction process

  • Sit comfortably with your back straight, where you won’t bee disturbed for 5-10 minutes.
  • Hold your fingers in the chakra position of your choice, resting on your thight is usually the most comfortable.
  • Visualize the root chakra symbol exactly as it is, in red.
  • Breathe in and out rhythmically, same length of in-breath as out-breath, as you hold the image in your mind.. A count of four is usually good

At this point, it no longer matters what happened in the past – that was then and this is NOW. If you experience something now that causes you to fear for your life, even if you don’t know what exactly you are afraid of, you can bring yourself back into balance with this root chakra meditation. If you do it regularly, your chakra energy will become strong and these fears will no longer affect you – unless you really are being chased by a hungry bear!

The root chakra is the foundation for the etheric body, so be sure to stabalize the energy in this chakra before moving onto the sacral chakra.

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