4 thoughts on “Medusa’s Wedding Part Two: WOLF-FLOW

  1. Yes. Death “is now free.”
    The re-cycling in unwitting soul-recycling is now over. What a release! You can feel it in the air. Sense it in your being. Much of the unseen and unannounced work of many many women and a few privileged men is now coming to fruition. Belief in one’s innate creative power is increasingly becoming manifest. A refusal to continue to accept the unacceptable ‘because’. Because “that’s the way it is.” That is the way life WAS. Now it’s time to ‘be cause’; actively reinvest the space that has been appropriated by “off-comers” (Yorkshire term for ‘intruders’), who sought to re-appropriate sacred organic space in an attempt to overlay the organic with a toxic, synthetic virtual reality.
    Weddings unite, (you, knight), individuals in a sacred union. We are now reuniting in sacred unions hitherto repressed through our own mutual ‘consent’. Consent born out of our innate empathic acceptance of off-planet intruders dilemmas, fleeing as they were external (intergalactic) warring. Ever since this period in time, warring against the original organic manifestations on Earth has/had become rife. (https://johnscottconsciousness.com/beginning-times/)
    Until now.
    Many thanks to you, Yolanda. It is so timely that your voice becomes heard.

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