The Clan of the Little Bear

The Clan of the Little Bear

4450 years ago, at the summer solstice eclipse, a priestess formed the dream-link between the lost tribes of Atlantis and the Clan of the Little Bear, that would emerge from hibernation at the Summer Solstice of 2020. This was the work of millennia that took place in the the Chamber of the Moon, the Dream Temple of the Great Pyramid of Cheops.

This image shows the alignment of 25th July 2430 BC, as etched into the walls of the Queen’s Chamber, as it is known.


“On July 25, 2430 B.C. starting at ca. 6 a.m. there was a solar eclipse over the Nile Delta at the Summer Solstice point. Looking north at this time one finds the North Celestial Pole in the tail of Draco. In the East, there is a solar eclipse at sunrise below Chort and Zosma (Duhr) in Leo – this is represented by the importance of the Sphinx (Leo) and by the lion head found inscribed on the megalith in the room just behind the stone slab at the end of the southern shaft from the Queen’s Chamber (see the graphic above). In the West, we find Andromeda and Pegasus. These positions are clearly marked on the stone blocks above and to the left and right of the stone slab at the end of the shaft. They tell us the stellar orientation perfectly.”

On 21st June 2020, there was an annular eclipse that occurred with the Summer Solstice, that formed this alignment over the Great Pyramid.


The accompanying text to the above graphic says this:

“When the eclipsing Moon is directly above the apex of the Great Pyramid (see diagram above) and centred on the pyramid’s centre line, the Sun and Moon:

  • will be perfectly replicated to and aligned with the centres of the floors of the King (Sun) and Queen’s (Moon) chambers, as shown in the interior of the pyramid in the second diagram below
  • will replicate the exact ratio/position of the Sun and Moon
  • will form the Vesica Piscis along a common axis running from the centre line within the King’s  Chamber floor down to the centre line of the Queen’s Chamber (see the red line below). This line will be parallel with the Galactic Equator, as seen above the Great Pyramid at that exact moment in time.”

My interpretation is that, at the time of the eclipse, the positions of the sun and moon were perfectly ‘reflected’ within the Great Pyramid itself, between the King and Queen Chambers, forming the ‘alchemical marriage’ that the priestess dreams. The Vesica Piscis formed the energetic portal through which the archetypal form of the Clan of the Little Bear was birthed. The particular quality of the priestess’ dream generates a resonance that transcends time and is amplified by the proportions of the pyramid and the celestial alignment.. Therefore, this event occurs simultaneously in the dream of the priestess, the living memory of the Atlanteans, who are still connected to the Andromedans and the Little Bear Clan, who are just emerging from hibernation.


The Little Bear Clan are dispersed amongst the human population today and are a group of imaginal cells that model the upgraded human that is currently emerging. The Little Bear Clan are being energetically ‘pulled together’ because we resonate with the qualities encoded within the dream of the priestess. These were determined in response to the fall of Atlantis and because the Ancient Egyptians knew that their civilization was unlikely to last because the mind virus that subsumed Atlantis had not been completely neutralized. The Little Bear Clan has the ‘qualities’ or supernatural powers needed to transcend and neeutralize the mind virus, but as of yet we don’t know what they are. However, they are emerging rapidly and becoming stronger as the Clan members tune into the archetypal power and each other.

I first tuned into the Little Bear frequency in the summer of 2019, when I connected with Polaris, the Celestial North Star, in the tail of the Little Bear. I wrote about that in Killing Time with the Quantum Pixies, noting that bears, like humans, only have tails in their embryonic form, but ‘tail’ and ‘tale’ are also homophones leading into the dreamtime narrative that interweaves chronological time.

Meanwhile in Canada, a friend who is an accomplished artist-sorcerer (as in one who brings form from the Source), was bringing Polar Bear Medicine into form. His intention in this work included the release from the fear of death, through transformation into beauty. When I saw what he was doing, it generated a multi-layered and multi-dimensional spark or recognition within my mind, as do all genuine works of art. We had a brief exchange in the winter 2019-20, which fired up the underlying geometry of reality, waking the archetypal bear of the north.

Polar Bear skull, after bleaching, November 11, 2019, Daemon Rowanchilde
Medicine Man of the Little Bear Clan: Daemon Rowanchilde
Polar Bear Medicine Skull (awaiting completion) by Daemon Rowanchilde

I continued with the bear theme in The Bearings, in February 2020, just before the Great Incubation:

“In the physical gestation of the human embryo, the tail is fully absorbed by the ninth week (63 days) and the heart chambers are also formed. Foetal development of the brain structures begins at the ninth week.

I find a correspondence between the stages of human physical gestation and the gestation of species-wide consciousness, in that we are just beginning to develop heart intelligence and compassion, but self-awareness, as in the knowledge of our true potentials, is as absent as the celestial body in the head of the Little Bear.

However, consciousness is neither static nor time-bound – it is not a fixed thing. Although it looks to me as though human consciousness is just moving from the embryonic to the foetal stage, it does not have to follow a similar chronological development to the biological human foetus – if the conditions are right and the requisite energy is available, consciousness and awareness can change instantly.”

The Bearings

As we came out of incubation, Daemon began working on his Portal Project, to bring in a New Paradigm, which correlated with my preparations and the alchemical wedding that I described in Medusa’s Wedding and Wolf-Flow.

Imaging the Portal to a New Paradigm: Daemon Rowanchilde
Portal detail: Daemon Rowanchilde

This is not something that we have discussed or worked on together, however, we are both tuned into energy that is dreamed through the Moon Chamber of Cheops into the constellation of The Little Bear. We (and unknown others) are picking this up in dreams and imagination, and bringing it into awareness in our own ways, because this is how it was intended to work.

The archetypal powers of the Little Bear Clan intensify as we resonate with this energy and connect with each other, making it easier for others to tune in. The clan is becoming self-aware.

Are bears showing up in your dreams or waking life?

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