Chakra Meditations

Chakra Meditations

Chakra meditations for incubation

Humanity is currently in incubation, moving to it’s next stage of development. (For context, see: The Bearings.)

These chakra meditations are especially for this time of incubation. The act of visualizing an image for the particular chakra you want to rebalance, along with holding the mudra and breathing rhythmically, has a calming affect on the mind and body. This self-initiated action is extremely grounding. It helps you to reunite with our Earth Mother and access more of Her energy in a beneficial way for your own development.

The symbols, represent the geometry of each chakra – the chakra in a pure energy form, free of any emotional or intellectual connotations. The act of breathing in and out (through mouth or nose, it doesn’t matter which) while visualizing the image and holding the mudra, vibrates the chakras in the etheric body, opening them if they are closed and bringing them back into balance. This is a process that anyone can do on their own. (For a chakra opening and rebalancing process to do with a friend and using a pendulum as a biofeedback device, so you can see them in action, see: Grinding Gears and the Killer Chakra.)

I recommend working on each chakra in order from the root up to the heart chakra, staying with each one until you feel comfortable with it and feel ready to move on. Only a short meditation is needed, 5-10 minutes, everyday if possible.

Root chakra

Root chakra symbol:

Root chakra symbol

Root chakra mudras:

We have two root chakra mudras we find effective, just go with the one that feels the most natural to you.

Root chakra mudra
Root chakra mudra

Sacral chakra

Sacral chakra symbol:

Sacral chakra symbol

Sacral chakra mudras:

This mudra is gender specific; for women, the left hand (or non.dominant hand) cups the right (dominant hand) and for men the right hand (dominant hand) cups the left (non-dominant hand). Left-handers will have to experiment to see which feels the most natural/comfortable.

Sacral chakra mudra (for women left hand cups the right)
Sacral chakra mudra

Solar plexus chakra

Solar plexus chakra symbol:

Solar plexus chakra symbol

Solar plexus chakra mudra:

Solar plexus chakra mudra (the thumbs represent the upright spine)

More information on the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Manipura can be found here: Medusa’s Wedding.

Heart chakra

Heart chakra symbol:

Heart chakra symbol

Heart chakra mudra:

Heart chakra mudra

Throat chakra

Throat chakra symbol:

Throat chakra symbol

Throat chakra mudra:

Throat chakra mudra

Brow chakra

Brow chakra symbol:

Brow chakra symbol

I have not included a mudra for the brow chakra (third eye) as I don’t recommend meditating on the third eye at this point.

Crown chakra

Crown chakra symbol:

Crown chakra symbol

I’ve not included a mudra for the crown chakra, as I’ve not yet encountered a situation in which anyone needed to meditate on the crown chakra. I’ve always found it to be open, always sending out to the cosmos.

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