The Truth Chakra

The Truth Chakra

The Truth Chakra

It was sweltering hot today and I’m not sure why I wanted to do this talk i the hottest part of the day, with smoke on the horizon from a forest fire, but here it is. These notes accompany the Truth Chakra Talk, above. The Truth Chakra is commonly known as the Throat Chakra, or Vishuddhi.

In Medusa’s Wedding, Parts One and Two, I wrote and talked about the alchemical wedding in the manipura chakra, the solar plexus, the union of the masculine and feminine polarities within myself and how that ‘marriage’ opened a portal and energy channel that is changing my perception. In Part Two, I used the motif of WOLF-FLOW to describe the flow of energy because the howling of wolves on midsummer’s night signalled the opening of the portal – Flow is Wolf spelled backwards. I follow the logic of spelling through narrative, that I call the Art of Story-ality.

The WOLF-FLOW, also known as kundalini, is the balanced energy rising up from the City of Jewels – having first emerged from the Great Kundali, the telluric currents of the earth. What goes up, must come down. Everything moves in spirals.

The next chakra up from the solar plexus chakra is the heart chakra and the WOLF-FLOW passed through the heart chakra, which is what motivates me to do this talk and I’ll come back to the third alchemical wedding, that takes place on the heart chakra, when I get there.

Trust in Truth

What is truth?

Rig Veda:

“There is one reality, the wise call it by many names; there is one truth, reached by many paths.”

We have necessarily limited perspectives on unlimited reality. Though each perspective captures an aspect of this truth, no single perspective is capable to conveying it totally.

Talking or writing about The Truth is not The Truth, in the same way that describing water cannot quench your thirst.

Obviously, truth exists. Existence is truth and each one of us also exists, in truth, but we are not always true to ourselves, are we? To trust ourselves is to trust the truth in ourselves, which does not equate to: you have your truth and I have mine. Thinking or believing that you know the truth is not the same as knowing it and even if you know it, you cannot speak it! Increasingly, you don’t even know what is the Truth. Where am I going with this? Trust yourself – the gift of the heart chakra – the Truth is in you.


  • Certainty and experience.
  • Projection and transmission.
  • Facts and resonance.
  • Desire for The Truth.

Truth: transmission and language

From: Freya’s Sulphuric Necklace

“The physical analogue to Freya’s Brisingamen is the human larynx…..The human voice generates form……

[David Warner Mathison] points out that the Corona Borealis/Brisingamen is not located in the constellation of the Virgin, where it belongs, but is located the other side of Bootes/Loki, as he hovers over her. So did Heimdal get Freya`s necklace back or not? Or maybe, not yet?

If the human correlate of the Brisingamen is the larynx, then it follows that we lost our power of magical speech because Loki, the trickster and contriver of fraud, stole the necklace. As above, so below. The dreamtime of celestial events and mythology is not necessarily chronological and the stories they tell might play out over eons. The return of the necklace could well be an episode in the story that has not yet happened, as evidenced by the location of the Corona Borealis.

In this game Freya’s Brisingamen is one of the magical weapons offered to us – the ability to recover and deploy the magical language that creates form. This is a male/yang energy, available to both men and women, sol-fire, from Freya´s sulphuric necklace.”

Note: Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown. Sovereignty of the peoples of the north?

The key issue is not whether Sanskrit, or Finnish, or Mandarin or any other language is older or ‘truer’ than any other. We are not set up to fail. The magical power of truth in language comes from the trust you put in yourself, the commitment and desire to transmit The Truth within yourself.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

Gospel of Thomas, verse 70

Beauty in Truth: resonance and geometry

Sonoluminescence and cymatics

Whole body hearing and transmission.

Throat Chakra, Vishuddhi

“Visha = impurity, poison; Shuddhi = purification. The Vishuddhi Chakra is located in the vicinity of the Larynx, between the 3rd and 5th vertebrae– and is therefore also known as the Throat Chakra. It is the fifth chakra from the root chakra moving up and a centre of physical and spiritual purification. It is said to be the first of the ‘spiritual’ chakras and its element is ether or akasha.

The throat chakra energizes and supports the functions of:

  • creative self-expression (not only speech)
  • hearing and listening
  • thyroid and parathyroid glands (metabolism and sense of time)
  • larynx
  • oesophagus (swallowing)
  • mouth, jaw, teeth and gums
  • facial nerves

Siddhis, supernatural powers generated from the throat chakra:

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