Finding Mr Luigi

Finding Mr Luigi

Mr Luigi has a very long arm. He can reach into your mind and make a bowl of spaghetti, without you knowing he was there, even though he’s not Italian. I first got wind of him in what I would call a significant dream; Dean and I returned to our motel room on the edge of nowhere, to find a dead man propped at the table by the window. The menacing Native American who had been stalking us had done it, but what to do now? If we went to the ‘authorities’ they would not believe us and we would be held up indefinitely. Mr Luigi had told us that we should have fixed the generator in the RV before setting off on our journey, but we hadn’t paid attention. Now we only had enough power to make it home if we drove hard for four days and four nights without stopping. Before dawn, we were in the RV and on the road.

I told Dean about the dream the next morning, the 17th December, just over a week after the fire. We concluded that the ‘four day, four night’ reference, was warning us that we were in for a rough ride in the lead-up to the Winter Solstice. Dean was, quite understandably, running on empty since the fire, so I was highly motivated by the thought that we only had to make it through another four days and nights before a fresh boost of energy was due. I realized that the RV was his own body and the dead man in the motel room was who he used to be, but it wasn’t the time to share that insight. Mr Luigi, however, was still a mystery.

The last two months have been especially intense for us, as we struggled to shrug off the skins of our old selves. It was hard on Dean, as he was unaware of the destructive patterns that blinded him to the workings of his own soul-psyche process and made him deaf to anything I said about it. I had to give total trust to the process (and him, the gods and myself) to allow the space for him to face his ordeal and transmute the beast within. The beast was the destructive, angry and predatory aspects of his psyche, repressed, pathologized and manifested with precision timing, to be purified and transmuted by the fires.

Experiences of this nature are always both uniquely personal and transpersonal, but rarely recognized as healing, teaching and transformative within the limiting framework of western culture. Our neighbours and many of our friends see the fire as an accident, feel sorry for our loss and hope like hell that nothing like that happens to them. Buffered by the same destructive patterns and the grief it causes, they cannot feel (the sense of the heart) that most of the problems in their own lives, as well as the solutions, are also self-generated, so that the process can be made visible in its entirety and the spell of the invisible enemy broken. No one is excluded from this ‘revelationary process’, although anyone is free to opt-out.

Dean and I have equally high appetites for risk. We did not have fire insurance; neither did we have health insurance when Dean was diagnosed with cancer, nor breakdown insurance when we loaded our two dogs (one of them very sick) in a van with essentials and headed out to Spain and the van began to over-heat just outside Calais. Oh dear, did we not learn anything? Actually, we learned a great deal from how we dealt with those experiences and we don’t want to cruise through life on comfy cushions admiring the scenery. Sometimes I get overwhelmed, but if you want to learn how reality works, discover what you are made of and learn how to handle authentic power (power with, power to and power for – NEVER power over), you have to roll with the punches now and then too.

With all that in mind, I put us both in 100% resonance with the planets and relevant constellations the day before the fire. I figured out that we were not operating on ‘full power’ because some of these connections had not been switched on at birth, as energy moves along a line and we were not born and did not take our first breaths at the ‘natural angle’.

Of course, I had no premonition of the drama that would unfold, but while the fire raged and Dean fought to save the house, I felt calm and guided. Still held in this wave of Supernatural support, on the day of the solar eclipse that followed on the 14th December, I decided – on the spur of the moment – to put our throat chakras in resonance with Mercury. I did mine first, and the second I finished Dean’s, the wind came up. Dean was out at the time and as I went to the window to see what was going on, the phone rang, Dean of course. As soon as we connected and I was about to tell him about the wind, a fierce gust blew the rest of the roof off the barn and job done, dropped to stillness immediately. Dean had said the day before that we needed the rest of the roof to go as it was dangerous!

A week later, under the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction, Mr Luigi met with Artemis, protector of innocence, which was when we finally recognized him. Mr Luigi is the lightening-bearer, the male animating power of these lands that still bear his name. The Romans identified him as Mercury, so they could co-opt him into their own pantheon to secure their own power base by acquiring the support of the druids, who ran the religious show back then. To the Greeks he was Hermes and to the Celts, Lugh, ‘the little one with the long arm’. To us he will always be Mr Luigi.

There are many interesting online texts about Lugh/Mercury, but they all make a significant contextual error: the authors and researchers always refer to what ancient people believed, because belief is the lens through which they view references to phenomena that they have, for the most part, not themselves experienced. To the ancients, the presence of the gods was everyday lived reality, Today, we do not experience such phenomena because we don’t live the way people lived back then. That said, a little bit of effort goes a long way, because the gods themselves are still here and crying out to interact with us!

I use the term gods because I enjoy the mythologies that give characters and stories to these forces of Nature, which was to describe how they worked in a way that made sense at the time. Jung called them archetypes. Science has many explanations. Walter Russell paired it down to harmonics and the polarity exchange between the male generative, vertical electric force and the female radiative, horizontal magnetic force, which is both general and specific. My aim is to share what we’re learning about how to interact with these powers in a practical way, that is not ego-driven and can be tested by anyone. Somewhat ironically, this ‘practical interaction’ requires imagination – that special ingredient that turns an ordinary event into i-magic-ation and deepens your sense of self as embedded in Nature, the source of true magic.

Our Mr Luigi is the ‘ping’ in the power of resonance. Artemis, drawing from the pure source of the Galactic Centre is the wave that carries the ping. All thoughts, actions and reactions are frequencies activated by Mr Luigi’s ping and everything in the same harmonic scale resonates with it – we are living, dynamic ensembles in a great symphony. This concept is easily understood when you pay attention to how it plays out in everyday life. For example, every dog owner knows that you only have to think ‘dog walk’ and the dog is at the door already. That is because dogs are in resonance with their owners and they feel the ping and begin to vibrate with that energy, which they are able to decode instantly, often before we’ve completed the thought, because their lives are less complicated. This is one way in which dogs guide us back to our true natures, as they are perfect mirrors to our often invisible thoughts and feelings. However, dogs, cats, birds, fish, trees, rocks – anything and everything in existence – attaches meaning to the resonance through its own cognitive, emotional and physical apparatus. Everything is conscious on some level.

The ping is ‘the little one with the long arm’ as each one of us is in harmonic resonance with every other human on the planet. When one of us pings, everyone resonates with us, the intensity of the vibration being dictated by harmonic proximity. The harmonic structures are shaped by fixed conditions, such as gender, race and age, as well as more fluid attributes, like cultural values, beliefs and feelings – like grief, for example. Mostly, we are oblivious to these pings and resonances, but many of us are becoming increasingly aware of the thoughts and feelings that arise in us but did not originate there, especially with regard to fear. However, fear itself is no more contagious than ‘you know what,’ but it causes us to contract and that stops the flow of energy, or resonance, just like tensing a muscle stops the energy flow. That’s what we pick up to interpret in our own ways, because to stop resonating is to stop living. We cannot stop resonating in the same way that you can stop a tuning fork, for example, but we can always transmute lower frequencies to a higher harmonic. Recognizing this is the antidote to the works of the ‘hidden hand´.

Mr Luigi is the ‘messenger of the gods’ as he gives you the means to interact with the archetypal powers playing through you, mastery of which gives ordinary people the power to bring many others into positive resonance (negative thoughts and feelings just contract the flow). Do you get that? It is a skill of self-mastery, or sovereignty, and also the transpersonal power of these times, corresponding to the Mercury cycles. The forward cycle is the time to ping, to initiate, reach out, create and imagine. We are experimenting with spontaneous pronouncements whenever we see crows – crows were said to accompany Lugh and we have found that they respond to the presence of male, vertical generative energy. They have been associated with negativity because that is how we have been entrained to think – see the crows, think of something bad and shut down resonance, so good things can’t happen. The retrograde cycle is the yin cycle of the return to the Earth, for endings and completion and also the time to nurture yourself and tend to the soil.

Finding your unique, personal resonance is the way to hold the centre ground and not be played as a pawn in the ‘duality dance’ that the controllers use to keep us distracted and divided.

“Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also God. For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, for the absolute can only exist as two Gods, darkness being necessary to light to serve as its foil as thee pedestal is necessary to the statue, and the brake to the locomotive…..

In analogical and universal dynamics one can only lean on that which will resist. Thus the universe is balanced by two forces which maintain its equilibrium, the force of attraction and that of repulsion. these two forces exist in physics, philosophy and religion. And the scientific reality of the divine dualism is demonstrated in the phenomena of polarity and by the universal law of sympathies and antipathies. That is why the intelligent disciples of Zoroaster, as well as, after them, the Gnostics, the Manicheans and the Templars have admitted, as the only logical metaphysical conception, the system of the divine principles fighting eternally, and one cannot believe the one inferior to the other…..”

Albeert Pike

It doesn’t matter whether you agree with Mr Pike or not, this is their playbook.

So, what about that spaghetti? It’s other people’s pings, signalling the time to discover what wants to come through you and make some of your own.

Mercury retrogrades 2021

January 30 to February 21

May 29 to June 22

September 27 to October 23

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