The Dream Temples

The Dream Temples

Lights ON in the Dream Temples

The earliest known clinics were the Dream Temples of Imhotep of Egypt and later Asklepios of Greece. People would travel hundreds of miles to visit the temples, where they would be guided through purifications and make various offerings before laying down to sleep for one or more nights. The process was called incubation. Herbs might have been used to induce a beneficial trance state and if they were lucky the seeker would be visited by the ‘god of healing’ in their dreams. The priest-doctors would interpret the dream and records show that many patients were healed through this process.

The ruins of these buildings are to be found in many locations throughout Europe, but the fully-functioning temples remain intact in their original locations, where they have always been, inside your skull.

A single dream generates a thousand realities

Asklepios to Ophiuchus

The ancient Greeks were great storytellers. They invented an entire Pantheon, by personifying the domains of the galaxy and the animating powers of Nature, as well as human traits, virtues and defining conditions. They literally invented the gods and goddesses and then gave them the power to control every aspect of Greek society, with priests and priestesses set up as the intermediaries between these imaginary entities and the ordinary citizen. This structure did a lot to provide stability within the Greek Empire, but at an immense cost to future generations who were consequently blinded to the Nature Powers within themselves.

The story of Asklepios, the Greek ‘god of healing’ is intriguingly prescient, regarding the resolution of the true pandemic of these times. Asklepios was the son of the god Apollo and a mortal woman, Coronis. Apollo was a sun god, with a dual aspect as he could bring fortune or disaster. He personified the purifying powers of the sun, which can also destroy you, as well as healing or bringing plagues, music, poetry and archery.

Coronis, from corona, meaning ‘crown’ was a sovereign woman, but the Greeks and Romans preferred she-wolves, goats and nymphs over human mothers. Feminine power was used to enforce the social order and freedom for women, especially sexual freedom, was curtailed. To imprint this on the subconscious mind of the innocent, Apollo’s twin sister the virgin goddess Artemis, murdered the sovereign Coronis, allegedly because she had sex with another man after being impregnated by Apollo. With a late burst of concern for his progeny, Apollo then ripped the baby Asklepios from his dead mother and sent him to be brought up by the wise centaur Chiron, who schooled him in the healing arts.

The words of the master storyteller fly on the wings of perception and change colour with the light, So Asklepios has his ‘official’ story and the living story, that you uncover for yourself by seeking it out. In the story of record, Zeus killed Aklepios with a thunderbolt because he violated the laws of Nature by using his healing power to bring people back from death. Apollo interceded on behalf of his son and so Zeus duly transmuted Asklepios into the 13th constellation, where he became Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer.

In the living story that unfolds within you as you seek the Source of your own healing, you discover that Asklepios heals himself by reconnecting with the Mother Consciousness within himself. The thunderbolt is the light of your self awareness, electrifying your body and searing away the falsity of death. The image of Ophiuchus holding the Serpent does not portray an eternal battle between evenly matched combatants. It is a depiction of the mature masculine will supporting the feminine life force, the Great Serpent of Wisdom who animates the spirals of our DNA. It shows the male and female polarities in balance withing yourself, as well men and women working in harmony together. Ophiuchus steps away from the ecliptic because he experiences himself as a multi-dimensional being, no longer merely a creature of flesh and blood, which is what we all do in the Dream Temples.

So, why don’t you heal yourself in your dreams? You do, you are always healing, but healing might not happen exactly according to your expectations.

Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer

The Real Pandemic

The real pandemic of today is parasitic. The so-called virus has never been isolated, because it does not exist. (The Spanish Ministry of Health admitted this in July of this year – and many other governments are craftily modifying their narratives to try and save their skins). People get sick and many of them die because of poisons, malnutrition, dehydration, poor sanitation and parasites, followed by the secondary effects of fungus, microbes and inflammation as they work to deal with the parasite overload A compromised immune system cannot deal with any of these things and you cannot explain any of this to anyone if their biochemistry and consciousness are overwhelmed with a parasitic infestation. It is beyond tragic what people have done to themselves and others, especially their own children, because it is all so easily remedied. The archontic agenda depends on blood and water borne parasites for its proliferation, but once you see the parasite for what it is and allow Nature to do Her work, it really is game over.

Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are not curing a non-existent virus. They are anti-parasiticals and they are killing off the parasites that are the root cause of many other diseases.

Any action you take to rid yourself of toxins and parasites will have enormous health benefits. I have worked hard to reduce toxins in my body and immediate environment and I have not been sick in years, but when this question just popped into my head, it stopped me in my tracks:

Could it be that internal parasites were causing my occasional outbursts of murderous rage and bloodlust for predators? Was I just picking up the signal from my own immune/detoxification system?

We don’t use pharmaceuticals, so I decided to boost our own parasite protocol with neem tea and I wrote about it here, Parasite Take-out and Parasite Take-out Update. Having reviewed my experience in ordinary and dreaming consciousness, I observed some specific details that I want to share here.

The Dreaming Power

The ‘dreaming consciousness’ operates in both sleeping and waking states, it correlates with higher brainwave patterns, such as theta, alpha and gamma and is not accessible in beta, although there is more to it than that. In dreaming consciousness we mould the raw elemental material of reality. There are different types of dreams, of course, some are filing, organising and karmic. Lucid dreaming is just the natural effect of embodiment.

If you ever had what is called a precognitive dream, where you dreamed of an event that subsequently happened, you did not merely see into the future, you generated it.

Dreaming is healing because when you dream you are totally immersed in the lucid dream of Mother Earth and disconnected from any ideas about yourself and the limitations of ordinary consciousness and physicality. Your ‘settings’ are restored to their default. However, if we disregard our dreams and dismiss them as ‘not real’ we prevent ourselves from accessing their healing power. Everyone dreams. Everyone has this power and can strengthen it within themselves, simply by giving it attention. Developing the capacity to observe what shows up in your dreams is incredibly valuable. It doesn’t matter whether you are lucid, as in you know yourself to be dreaming, or not, as the act of observing and remembering your dreams (or parts of them) will naturally increase your lucidity in all statee of consciousness.

Higher and intensified galactic and earth frequencies are affecting our consciousness, as well as those of the Great Mother, causing an uptick in earthquake and volcanic activity. Specifically, we are experiencing a blurring of the boundaries between ordinary waking consciousness and the dreaming state. You might have noticed how much easier it is to fall into reverie and day dreaming and how difficult it is to find the energy to do the things you THINK you have to do, but are not enthused about. Conversely, the things you really need to do that are aligned with your true self, just seem to happen naturally. In my own dreaming, I have seen parasites being eliminated and I know that the healing power of the earth is doing this within my body and that it is happening for others too.

Blood Works

I have been a lucid dreamer since childhood and I do all my meaningful work in the dreaming state. I can direct my dreams to resolve problems or find things or information, but I rarely do that anymore. Why would I put my limited, ego-self in charge of my unlimited awareness, when my dreaming consciousness is guided by the wisdom of my body, which is the Wisdom of the Earth Mother?

Every night, your brain scans your blood and makes the necessary adjustments to your biochemistry. If you need to take any action in your waking life it will send you pictures of what you need to do. Nightmares and demons are, in many cases, the images your brain creates to inform you of toxins in the blood, much of which is the waste products of parasites. The purification rituals that seekers underwent before entering the Dream Temples of the ancient world, were to eliminate parasites. The content of their dreams would reveal something about the parasitical infection and the appropriate herbs could then be administered to eradicate the parasites. Asklepios was a skilled shaman and renowned parasite killer. In some interpretations of his story, it is a worm wrapped around his staff, rather than a snake.

Statue of Asklepios, from the Archeological Museum of Athens

A few days into my parasite protocol boost, I had two dreams in which I had interactions with vampires, a metaphor for parasites. In one, I was deep in a cave complex (the interior of my body) and I saw a tiny lit up shop, called The Liberty Store. In the shop was a vampire moving what looked like large grey ball-bearings around (parasite eggs) as he had to protect them from attack. It had some kind of armoured shell. My immune/detoxification system was the attacker. The primary defense mechanism of the parasite is its invisibility, so once you see it, either with your ordinary senses or the eye of the mind, it loses its grip and begins to fall apart.

The Liberty Store was a very specific image to be decoded, so I let it swim through the liminal waters, before I got out of bed that morning. It snagged a memory of an exchange in which I had expressed my concern over the fact that Dr Klinghardt had said in his detox protocol that some parasites are beneficial as they consume heavy metals and the burden in the body would be greater if they weren’t present. My comment at the time, “This is a slippery slope. The modus operandi of the parasite is to offer some benefit that you don’t need or can do for yourself and if you accept they set up shop in your mind and start making adjustments that suit them and not you.” Dr Klinghardt is one of the good doctors and I respect his work. However, my dream takes precedence for me and I witnessed/observed that this particular parasite is being despatched by my immune/detoxification system. I suspect that it might have fed on heavy metals, because of the armouring, but Nature is now dealing with that problem in another way, in my body and in others.

The second dream was set in a hotel/conference centre, a frequent dream venue for me, The ‘organizers’ wanted me to share a room with a group of women that I didn’t know and didn’t feel any connection with (they were all wearing pastel, flowery dresses) so I decided to leave and find another hotel. A vampire tried to stop me leaving by fiercely grabbing my arm and trying to bite my neck. I was fully lucid in the dream, so I could have done anything, but the power of observing/witnessing is now very strong and growing stronger everyday, so I just looked at it disdainfully and it let go and I left. I suspect that this was a parasite that latches on, but I’m confident that it is also being eliminated. The pastel flowery dresses were a reference to sugar. I don’t really have a sweet tooth, but I will be more vigilant about feeding sugar to parasites!

Currently, live blood analysis that would show blood-borne parasites is not a regular feature of mainstream medical diagnosis.

Parasites in live blood:

Guardians of the Temples

As I eliminated parasites, my dreams showed me the ‘undoing’ of decisions and actions, made and taken while under the influence of parasite consciousness. I became more relaxed in my waking consciousness and more able to focus and do what I need to do with less effort and greater efficiency. New ideas, creative solutions, the softening of the boundary between waking and dreaming consciousness and the elasticity of time.

In a momentary flash, I saw the gargoyles of Notre Dame Cathedral and real-eyesed that the monumental artists of the time had faithfully represented their own visionary images. In what might seem like a bizarre twist, the Temple of Dreams is guarded by parasites, as the Wisdom of the Mother limits the ability of the dreaming power to shape reality, until you have rid yourself of parasites and the demons that you would otherwise create.

At last, I’m beginning to catch up with myself and my past actions are making sense. Like why I bought these gargoyles on an impulse 25 years ago.

The Guardians

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